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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 ☎Service tel : + 1 (833) 3755379

Gravity Induction Car Bracket

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I know you need a simple and convenient car phone holder

  • This mobile phone holder is the latest design of 2019, with gravity connection design. No metal plates are required, so there is no interference to the phone signal.


  • This car vent phone holder is very easy to operate. You can put your phone in the phone holder with one hand, and the phone holder will automatically hold the phone, which is super convenient. Remove the phone and the stand will automatically return to its original shape, occupying only a small area of ​​the vent


  • This phone holder is suitable for a variety of 4.7 to 6.5-inch smartphones. The phone case is acceptable. Moreover, the mobile phone with the mobile phone case can also be firmly clamped. The four points that hold the phone are soft and can protect your phone well and won't scratch your phone.


  • The contact surface of the bracket and the mobile phone adopts a special aeroelastic shockproof design. This helps keep your phone tight, avoids shaking and unusual noise, and protects your phone in any bumpy road conditions.
  • This car phone holder is perfectly integrated with your car interior, no longer awkward and more harmonious. When the mobile phone is not placed, the height of the bracket is only 38mm, which is super compact and has the perfect function of the bracket.

    Product Details
    • Suitable for phones with a width of 2.7-3.4 inches (69-86 mm) and a thickness of 0-0.4 inches (0-10 mm)
    • Color: red black silver
    • Material: ABS plastic
    • weight:82g
    • Type: car bracket


    • Release the nut first, insert clip ball, then tighten the nut. The more tight, the more stable (No need iron plate, no need adhesive, not affect the beauty of your loved phone or wireless charge).
    • Please make sure the car vent louvres is strong enough to brace the weight of a phone (most of cars has no problem). 

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