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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 ☎Service tel : + 1 (833) 3755379

Cotton Net Produce Bags with Wood Toggles

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 While grocery stores worldwide are phasing out single-use grocery bags at the till, produce bags still remain.

On average, 4 bags per family are used per day, adding up to a staggering 1,500 short-lived bags per year! The harsh realities will catch up to us in the near future...

The average plastic bag is used for 12 minutes. That same bag will take centuries to degrade and may cause irreversible damage to marine life and our oceans. Making the switch to reusables will make a difference - in the health of our planet and the long-lasting freshness of your food. 

Net Zero Cotton Produce Bags holds broccoli

Fortunately, with our handy reusable produce bags, you can keep your food fresh and landfills less full instantly!

With a breathable mesh cotton bag design, food is kept fresh without drying out or falling out, due to a smart wooden toggle closure. These zero waste food bags are available in 5 sizes.


More about these produce huggers:

  • Made of 100% cotton with a wooden toggle
  • Tare weight written on the tag, so the cashier can deduct the weight of the bag
  • Quality material that stretches to the shape of your produce
  • Simply toss in the washing machine to clean
  • Note: Keep these produce bags with your other reusable grocery bags and you’ll never forget them. Give yourself a high-five every sustainable shopping trip! Ps… they look great in your fridge drawer!


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