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Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 ☎Service tel : + 1 (833) 3755379

Alloy Steel Tongue Drum

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The Best Gift  For Parents. Friends.Children 

✅What is the Tongue Drum?

It is a very melodic percussion instrument and highly appreciated for its relaxing sounds and ease of playing. It is a work of art, a musical instrument, and even of your mind mate.

    Anyone without practice can easily pick one up and start playing, You can either use mallets or your own hands to produce sound. 

      ✅About TONGUE DRUME

      Hand-built, artificially tuned--and the tone is accurate and sound.The water-based paint surface, nuisance-free and wear-resistant and does not fade.

        Focused on helping people relax and focus--we get inspired by nature to design sounds that help you reduce stress, relax, and make you happier.
          The Tongue Drum is a meditative drum that helps you have rest--focus on yourself and great for relaxing anytime. Meditation. Yoga. Sound Therapy. Hiking. Camping. Music Development. 
            You do not need any special skills or multiple years of practice to play on it--You just take the Tongue Drum in your hands, and then everything happens by itself.
               Its compactness allows you to take it with you always -- it is lightweight and takes up minimal space in a backpack.

                ✅Did You Know It?

                The Tongue Drum has a very special effect on people, who often become transfixed or mesmerized. It can be a very useful tool in healing, therapy and relaxation techniques of all kinds.

                  ✅Main Features:

                  • Materials: Metal
                  • Gender: Unisex
                  • Product weight: 0.600 kg
                  • Package weight: 0.905 kg
                  • Product size: 
                  • 6 inches = Diameter 16cm x Height 9.5cm/ 6 x 4 inches
                  ✅Package include:
                  • 1 x Steel drum
                  • 1 x pair of Mallets(FREE)
                  • 1 x Music Book(FREE)
                  • 1 x bag(FREE)
                  • 1 x set of notes stickers(FREE)
                  • 1 x set of picks(FREE)

                  Customer Questions & Answers
                  🙋‍♂Question1:Can anyone recommend a good beginner's book to go with this drum?
                  • Answer:It comes with a book that has about 50 songs in English. --By Sam in Texas on October 17, 2019
                  🙋‍♂Question2:What key is it tuned to? Description says C major, but comments here say D, which is it?
                  • Answer:C major - no sharps no flats - also the coolest hand-drum i have ever played! it can be made to sound similar to steel drums, bongos, tablas, etc.... in the hands of a creative drummer this thing is mind blowing!----By ier0Kpsa Direct on September 19, 2019
                  🙋‍♂Question3:Is it help for release stressful?
                  • Answer:Hi dear! Exactly, there are many ways to release your pressure. For example, you can take time to learn rhythm and play a tune with this tongue drum. which is also a way to distract attention.--By CAL REGULA on September 20, 2019  


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